OTAC: Text to Audio Converter

OTAC is a free service converting text to WAV for non-commercial use.
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Questions and Answers

Q: What is the underlying software used for OTAC?
A: Festival, an open source speech synthesis system, developed by the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

Q: Can I easily convert text by myself, with my own machine?
A: If you are into Linux, you should not have a problem with that. Check this site how to script your own speech robot together. Or if you speak German, check out this article.

Q: The conversion does not work. OTAC keeps uttering "%" and all other kind of weird stuff. Why?
A: OTAC is considered beta. So some things will get converted in the wrong way. Use simple sentences and try to avoid funny characters.

Q: I am from Sweden/Latvia/Portugal (...) For my language this translation just doesn't work out...
A: Apologies. OTAC currently only supports an English male voice.

Q: So, may I input the bible for conversion?
A: No, currently the maximum input is 256 characters. Beyond that, everything gets truncated.

Q: I found a bug or want to suggest an improvement!
A: Great! Please mail it to: otac(aet)netz10.de

OTAC is a netz10.de project and for un-commercial use only - Contact